The New Edge - The Volkswagen Virtus and Taigun GT Edge Limited Editions add more style to the performance

Special Feature Published: July 14, 2023, 11:38 AM IST

Volkswagen's GT cars bring with them a legacy sprawling generations, a legacy which is a symbol of unparalleled performance and driver satisfaction. The much sought after GT badge is something any auto enthusiast would swear by.

Volkswagen recently widened the scope of the GT-badged Performance Line in India with a fresh new set of variants of the both, the Volkswagen Virtus and Taigun. The cars continue with the same upmarket and sporty feel featuring the trustworthy 1.5l TSI EVO engine. Enter the GT Edge Limited Edition.

So what's new?  Two new paintjobs, a Deep Black Pearl and a Carbon Steel Grey Matte have been introduced to the Taigun and the Virtus being the sleek classy sedan it is, sticks to the black exclusively. This special edition celebrates the GT and gives the cars a sleeker and more suave appeal with the new looks and Volkswagen here makes it more exclusive by making these variants only available to book via the online booking platform.

Virtus and Taigun have come up to be great contenders as the safest mid-size sedan and the safest SUVW in the country with a whopping 5 stars on the GNCAP test and have been basking in the glory of their respective successes. This expansion of variants makes it more accessible to the buyers with a wider price bracket.

The Taigun is now offered in a total of 9 variants and topping the performance line are the GT Edge variants which come in a 6 speed manual and 6 speed DSG transmission options. With the advent of the GT line Volkswagen is hitting the right spot with the GT manual version which would be a treat to GT enthusiasts. The Taigun will have two variants in the new segment and will sport new colours to form the GT Edge Limited Edition adding two more variants, giving ample choices for the buyer to go for.

The Virtus gets a dose of raciness with a similar layout in the GT variants. However Volkswagen has heard public demand and has come up with the GT 6 speed manual which only ups the already high standards of driver engagement the Virtus is known for. The GT Edge Limited edition will feature both the manual and DSG variants of the Virtus.

With the introduction of the GT Edge variants, you now have more access and choice than ever to sample the performance and safety credentials of the Volkswagen brand. The cherry on the cake happens to be that the GT Edge variants come with a high level of exclusivity, built only to order.