Special Feature Published: September 04, 2023, 03:14 PM IST

There are a number of things to look out for when buying a car, most importantly the wholesome experience the car provides whether you are driving or just enjoying a ride. The experience is what probably differentiates one brand from the other.

In India Volkswagen has long prevailed as a premium car brand which focuses on performance, built quality and sheer driving pleasure. However early into the market it catered to a niche who had the knowledge and knack for the German brand which gradually grew to a significant dependable customer base.

Further into the years we saw Volkswagen solving the fuel efficiency issue, and with their latest set of improved TSI engines they are providing performance and fuel efficiency which was and always will be a major factor for the Indian market. The market although has seen a shift of requirements since the entire safety humdrum emerged recently.

Volkswagen awoke a dormant segment and made people fall in love with the thing they specialised in for so many years, the sedan. The launch of the Virtus sent waves across the market and shook the segment leadership with style and oomph. Style and good looks, performance, efficiency and most importantly, safety, what else to look for in a car? The Virtus was a clear winner after it achieved the safest sedan crown recently.

The SUV market being the most vibrant one right now in the country saw a solid contender with the Taigun in the compact SUV segment making waves for again just one reason, it being a Volkswagen. Taigun is an image which is glowingly youthful and energetic. The Taigun and Virtus both came to the market as a rejuvenated and young Volkswagen with the deep rooted old values of durability and performance embedded in them. As a result they both enjoy the 5 star tag for safety ratings and with the country currently shifting their interests from just fuel efficiency/ performance towards safety it's in their best interests.


The Tiguan has been an old player which has always catered to a niche since its launch in 2017. The B segment of SUV s which the Tiguan covers has had major breakthroughs with technology and performance through the years and now there is an imminent facelift relaunch in the near future with the Touareg also in the horizon. The Tiguan features itself among the top 5 SUVs of its segment and offers an experience unique to a Volkswagen.

The idea that Volkswagen wants to convey is that when you are in a Volkswagen everything is taken care of, for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride whether it be your daily commute or your road trip or for whatever reason you drive for. The Volkswagen experience is unique and immersive with everything that is well thought of, practical, safe and of course efficient. Through its range of cars Volkswagen is looking to create a fresh approach with a unique identity which you can find yourself with only in a Volkswagen.