Introducing IGN-8: The Ultimate Helmet Offering Unparalleled Safety and Style

Updated: August 09, 2023, 04:58 PM IST

SteelBird Hi-Tech India Limited, Asia's largest helmet manufacturer, has launched its new helmet model, the IGN-8 from the classy IGNITE Series, which combines both style and safety.

IGN-8 Helmets is a revolutionary helmet that sets a new benchmark in safety, comfort, and aesthetics. With an array of unique features and certifications, IGN-8 offers riders an unmatched experience on the road.

IGN-8 proudly meets the rigorous safety standards set by both the DOT (Department of Transportation) FMVSS No. 218 in the United States and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) IS 4151:2015 in India. This dual homologation ensures that riders can rely on IGN-8 for exceptional protection and peace of mind. Crafted from a high-impact PC-ABS blend material, IGN-8's shell surpasses DOT standards, providing unbeatable protection during impacts. We have meticulously chosen this material to ensure optimal safety for riders in any riding conditions.

IGN-8 showcases the industry's first Chrome Border Visor, combining style and functionality. The visor material is made up of Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coating, ensuring long-lasting clarity. The Pin Lock 30 anti-fog lens also guarantees clear vision even in challenging weather conditions. Recognizing the importance of convenience, IGN-8 features a quick-release visor mechanism. This allows riders to effortlessly replace the visor, enabling easy adaptation to change light conditions or replace damaged visors without any hassle.

IGN-8 incorporates a meticulously engineered ventilation system with chin and top vents for optimal air ingress, ensuring a comfortable and cool ride. The back exhaust vent efficiently channels out hot air, maintaining rider comfort even during long journeys. At IGN-8, we prioritize rider safety. Our helmet features a high-density 3-part EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) that provides ultimate protection against impacts at multiple points. Furthermore, EPS is also present in the cheek pads, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.

IGN-8 boasts an inner sun shield equipped with a convenient hanging slider mechanism. Riders can easily adjust the sun shield to their preference, offering protection from glare without compromising visibility on the road. Designed with comfort and style in mind, IGN-8's interior is both replaceable and washable, allowing riders to maintain hygiene effortlessly. The addition of a reflective part around the neck area enhances visibility during night rides, further enhancing safety.

IGN-8 prioritizes secure fitment with a double D-ring fastener, ensuring a snug and reliable fit for riders. This feature guarantees a secure connection, instilling confidence in riders throughout their journeys. IGN-8 is equipped with a wind deflector and nose protector for enhanced riding comfort. These features reduce wind noise and shield riders from environmental elements, allowing them to fully enjoy their ride. It also features a secure visor locking system, offering additional peace of mind to riders during their adventures. The visor locking mechanism ensures that the visor remains securely locked, even in challenging riding conditions.

IGN-8 is available in three sizes to cater to riders of all head sizes: Medium (580mm), Large (600mm), and XL (620mm). This extensive range ensures a comfortable fit for riders of various proportions. Adding a touch of sportiness, IGN-8 incorporates a Polycarbonate (PC) spoiler in black and red colours, elevating its appearance. Also, it is going to be launched in two variants out of which one will be in mono colour and the others will be decal versions. The helmet's sporty and aggressive graphics further enhance its appeal, making it a stylish choice for riders. IGN-8 is available at an MRP starting from just Rs 4,699. Considering its unmatched features, certifications, and competitive pricing, IGN-8 provides exceptional value to riders who prioritize safety, comfort, and style.

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